Leadscore is a Sales & Marketing Automation solution designed for small companies.

Sales features to grow your small business


From early stage lead qualification to closing million dollar deals - Leadscore is the perfect sales tool for your growing business.

Marketing features to grow your small business


Don't let marketing intimidate you. Leadscore makes it simple to reach more of your customers with the perfect message every time.

CRM features to grow your small business


Customization is our specialty. Let Leadscore help you build the perfect CRM to fit your small business' constantly evolving needs.

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Rich Customer Profiles

Keep your client profiles up-to-date by maintaining all the information you need on one screen.

Contact information



Social profiles



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Pipeline Visualization

We use visual pipelines throughout Leadscore to create an intuitive and consistent user experience over the entire platform. With deals, lists, and even tasks presentable in a pipeline view you will always be working in a consistent manner on Leadscore.

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Smarter Emailing

Craft personalized email campaigns to send over Leadscore. Stay informed with real-time notifications for email opens, link clicks, and even more.

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