Custom Objects

The next level of CRM customization.

What are custom objects?

You already know that fields are places to store a single bit of information about a contact. But what if you have more than just one single bit of information to store? That’s where custom objects come in.

An object is simply a collection of individual fields that form a block of information. Take “Contact Details” as an example. As I’m sure you know, several different bits of information (‘Name’, ‘Address’, ‘Postal Code’, ‘Phone Number’, ‘Email’, etc.) comprise a person’s “Contact Details”. Each of these bits of information by itself is a field, but when combined together, they make an object: “Contact Details”.  

Custom objects are just as their name suggests: objects that you can customize. You can form as many custom objects as you want from as many custom fields as you need. The only real limit is your imagination.   

Custom objects in Action

Custom objects really let you customize your CRM to fit your unique needs. Here are a few potential ways you can use them:

Suppose you have a client who needs all purchases shipped to their warehouse instead of their office. Instead of changing their address field from the office address to the warehouse address, you could add a custom object. Name this custom object “Shipping Address” and fill it with the fields: ‘Street Name’, ‘Street Number’, ‘Postal Code’, and ‘City’. Now you have a place to store the client’s office address and their warehouse address. Perfect for when you meet them in person or for shipping them a new order.  

Or maybe you are a travel agency and help people book their dream vacations. You could create a “Vacation” custom object. Easily fill it with the custom fields: ‘Location’, ‘Type’, ‘Dates’, ‘Mode of Transportation’, ‘Budget’, and ‘Customer Rating’. Now for each separate vacation a client books, you can add a new “Vacation” object and fill out the fields accordingly. This will give you a living record of all the vacations a client has booked in the past, and will let you provide a better service in the future.

Custom Objects for your business

Of course, these are just examples of how custom objects can be used and may not fit well with the way that you actually operate, but that’s okay. Custom objects are amazing because they are totally customizable and adaptable to meet your needs. Sign up for Leadscore’s 30 day free trial today to see just how powerful they can be.