Email Automation

Emails that work the way you want them to.

Campaign Manager

Link your email to Leadscore’s campaign management feature and launch email campaigns within minutes. Take control of your email marketing strategy. Trigger follow-up emails to send when a customer abandons their cart on your site. Or maybe you could set Leadscore to send a simple welcome message to any new sign-ups.

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by sending them the right email at just the right time. Convert more leads by letting them know that you care.  

Bulk Emailing

Do you send out a monthly newsletter? Or maybe you just need to get word of an upcoming change out to each of your clients. Take advantage of Leadscore’s bulk emailing feature so that you can seamlessly send a message out to all your contacts, or a specified list of them.

Choose from a pre-existing email template or craft a new message to be sent out in bulk. Make sure you use our placeholders to ensure your clients receive a personalized message.

Email Tracking

Data is king. With Leadscore’s email tracking and analysis capabilities, you will have all the insight into your emails that you could ever need. View important metrics such as your bounce, open, and click-through rates. Use this insight to make data-driven decisions to perfect your email marketing strategy.

Working on a tough account and want to know exactly when your prospect opens your email? With Leadscore you can set up push notifications so you are always in the know and can respond at just the right moment to close the deal.


Want a simple way to send out your weekly newsletter? With Leadscore, you have one. Craft your newsletter just the way you want it using Leadscore’s newsletter editor. Then, set leadscore to send it out when the time is right. Send your newsletter to exactly the right contacts easily using Leadscore’s lists feature.