Advanced Email Management

Stop wasting time with inefficient emailing.

Email Template

Create automatic email templates to send when one of your workflows is triggered and take your email management to the next level. Templating a welcome email to automatically send when someone signs up for your free trial will save time and hassle. Better yet, it will simultaneously increase customer engagement and satisfaction.

Don’t worry, our placeholder feature will make sure that every email you send still comes with a personal touch. Simply add a few placeholders and sit back while your customers receive emails personalized for their inboxes.

Email Snippets

Do you have certain phrases you find yourself typing over and over again in emails, but it’s not enough to create an entire template for? Leadscore’s email snippets are perfect for you.

Save popular phrases, like your pricing details, as snippets, and never have to type them out again. Simply use the canned text and your snippet will be included in the email, typo free, every time.  

Drip Campaign

Let Leadscore automate your sales process even more with our drip campaign feature. All you just have to set the rules and select the messages that you want to send your customers. Then, just sit back and watch Leadscore’s email management tools do the work for you.

Customize your drip campaign to send a ‘How can we help’ email on day 3, a ‘We miss you’ email on day 7, a 10% off coupon on day 12, and to finally remove the contact from the list if there is no response by day 14. Connect with each lead at just the right time to make a great impression and close more deals.   

BCC & Forwarding Alias

Leadscore’s BCC and Forwarding Alias feature allows you to keep track of all your emails, even those sent from outside of Leadscore, right in your Leadscore account. Simply BCC the generated alias on your messages to clients. Leadscore will automatically collect these messages, and link them to the appropriate contact page.

Don’t worry if your client emails your personal account directly. You can simply forward this message to your Leadscore alias and Leadscore will link it in the same way. Manage all your emails easily.