Marketing Features

The perfect suite of marketing tools for your growing business.

Website Integration

Leadscore plays nicely with your website to help you supercharge its functionality. Take advantage of the vast array of marketing data that is available to you and automate your work in the process.

Web tracking




Email Automation

Manage your email strategy with the right tools.

Meet your marketing goals thanks to Leadscore’s email campaign function. Send actionable emails to lists of contacts and wait for the results to roll in.

Scale your email sales by sending bulk emails to prospects while maintaining a personal touch with placeholders.

Campaign Manager

Email Tracking

Bulk Emailing


Marketing Automation

Let Leadscore automate your tedious, time-consuming marketing tasks.

Specify workflows to automatically execute actions when a certain trigger event occurs. With Leadscore doing the dirty work, you will have more time to focus on the things that really matter for growing your business.

Simple Drag & Drop



Tracking Visitor Data


In today’s highly competitive market, you can’t afford to not be engaging with your clients through multiple channels. Not all customers are the same, and Leadscore let’s you easily manage a multi-channel marketing campaign to hit them at the right touch points. 

Whether it be email, SMS, Messenger, or social media, Leadscore let’s you reach your customers in ways that are customized to their unique lifestyles.

Social media


Mobile messages



No more guesswork. Assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with built-in analytics and reporting. See which campaigns are working for your company (and which ones aren’t).

Get a snapshot of your activities with automated sales reports. Easily view your progress on deals, calls, sales figures, and more.

Discover which website pages and products your customers are interacting with most. Use these insights to adapt your approach and cater to their specific needs.

Website tracking


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