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Sales development for small teams with big ambitions.

360° Contact View

Access, not only your customers contact details, but also other important details such as their social profiles, websites, and birthdays. Add tags so that you can easily group and recognize them. Stay aware of your upcoming interactions with customers such as appointments, phone calls, or product demos.

Social Networks



Contact Snoozing

Customer History


Advanced Email Management

Quick and efficient emailing is key to meeting your goals. Don’t waste time stuck in an endless abyss of an inbox. Free up valuable time by using templates or email snippets to send repetitive messages faster without sacrificing that personal touch your clients love.

Email Templates

Drip Campaign

Email Snippets

BCC & Forwarding Alias

Deal Management

Visualize your deals with our drag-and-drop pipeline. Customize Leadscore’s pipeline to match your existing processes and focus your efforts on selling more, not learning how to work with a new funnel. 

Visual Deal Pipeline


Simple Drag & Drop

Customized Card View

Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification has never been simpler than it is with Leadscore. Our easy-to-use, visual interface is specifically designed for early stage sales activities. Customize your pipeline stages so that you can get to work qualifying more leads.

Pipeline View

Custom Stages


List Management

Lead Assignment

Leadscore excels at automating your lead assignment. Just set up a few simple rules and watch as Leadscore automates the entire process. Rest assured that each lead will get assigned to the right team member. 

Smart Sales Automation

You want to spend less time clicking around on your computer so that you can spend more time actually selling. We want what you want. It is for this reason that we have built Leadscore with powerful automation features that do all the busy work for you. 




Automation in action


Get a snapshot of your sales progress with automated reports. Easily view your progress on key metrics such as deals, calls, and sales figures. Now that Leadscore is here, you can say goodbye to confusing reports that you can’t even begin to make sense of. Compared to these, Leadscore makes all your reports easy to understand and will empower you to make data driven decisions. 

Sales Dialer

Make more opportunities over the phone. Link a VoIP provider to your account so that you can start making calls, directly from Leadscore.

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