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All-in-one CRM tool for your small business.

Visual Dashboard Activities

Personalize your own CRM dashboard to have all the information you need on the same page. Have a top-level view of your upcoming tasks, recent contacts, and outstanding deals. Customize each widget to have the exact information you care about at-a-glance. 







Custom Fields

Custom fields make it easy to store any piece of data that you feel is valuable to your company. Simply define a custom field, add it to a contact page, and voila, that unique piece of data is available for you to see. 




Get started in no time by importing thousands of contacts into Leadscore’s CRM using the CSV Import feature.

With Leadscore, segmentation is easy. Group your contacts into lists for better organization. Create separate lists for sales regions, company size, or any other purpose that fits your needs.

Learn more about Contacts →

Task Management

Leadscore’s To-Do Manager keeps reps on track by creating reminders and assignments linked to contacts and deals. Stay on track and reach your goals more effectively.

Simple Drag & Drop

Events & Meetings


Calls & Emails

visual to-do pipeline

Team Management

Leadscore is a collaborative tool for you and your team. Create profiles for your team members and monitor progress as they collaborate on projects. Always be aware of your entire team’s activity and use this knowledge to improve efficiency.


Collaboration history

Team Assignment


Data Management

Are you already recording your customer data somewhere else? Leadscore’s Data management feature makes it is easy to import all this data and be up and running with Leadscore in minutes.

CSV Import

Bulk Import

Data Export


Consolidated list of all interactions

Custom Objects

Custom objects are the best way to truly customize your CRM experience. As we like to say, a CRM without custom objects, just isn’t really a CRM. 

Click the button below to see the power of custom objects and get real life examples of how this powerful feature can be used in your business.

Push Notifications

Stay on top of all your customer’s activities by receiving important notifications. Choose to be notified through email or right on the Leadscore platform.

Never miss an important update again and rest assured that you always have all the information you need as soon as you need it.

Leadscore integrates with Facebook, Slack, Email, and calendar


Leadscore integrates with some of your favorite tools, from calendars and email to Facebook and Slack. In just a few simple steps you can be up and running with a fully integrated suite of tools.


At Leadscore, we believe it’s the customers that make a great company. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the support you need to make your Leadscore journey a successful one.

Our team will help you along the way and we are always available if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our platform, how we can help your business, or if you just want to chat about what the weather is like in Berlin.

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