360° Contact View

Manage your contacts at-a-glance

Contact details

The days of fumbling through piles of sticky notes and old spreadsheets to find a client’s email address are over. Keep all your contact’s necessary details in Leadscore’s contact manager, always ready at a glance.

Never send an email to an old address again. With Leadscore’s 360° customer view, everyone will have the same, always up-to-date, data for each contact.

Contact Snoozing

Say goodbye to cluttered contact lists littered with inactive users. With Leadscore’s contact snoozing you can temporarily (or permanently) snooze contacts who you don’t need to interact with right now. By doing this, you hide them from your main contact list without deleting their valuable data.   

Create ‘Inbox Zero’ for your contact list and focus on the contacts who need you right now. Customize how long each contact remains snoozed and you will always know to follow-up when the time is right.

Customer History

Now you can stop wasting time linking calls and emails to your client accounts. Leadscore’s powerful automation takes care of this for you. Every phone call, email, SMS, smoke signal, and facebook message with a client is automatically linked to their contact page. This provides you with a simple, at-a-glance record of your interaction history.

Social media profiles

Do you spend a lot of time trying to find your clients social media profiles? Or worse, do you neglect this valuable treasure trove of data?

Let Leadscore’s powerful automation features scour the web and fill your contact’s page with their social and publicly listed information. Most importantly, it does this with no extra effort from you. All of these details appear on a single screen, arming you with the all the knowledge that you need so that you can finally make meaningful conversation with that tough lead.   

Files & Documents

Coordinating between many tools to perform simple actions means that you are spending more time outside of your CRM. This time spent flipping between programs is time you aren’t spending doing what really matters: building relationships and closing deals.

It is for this reason that with Leadscore you can manage everything you need right within the platform. Store any customer files and documents in the contact view. Link a file to any related customer and never have to search for that important file again.


Leadscore allows you to take notes on your contacts. Store these notes in the 360° customer view and see them when you need to. Eliminate your stacks of stray sticky notes and notepads, but still stay on top of all your clients needs with this powerful contact manager. 

To dos

Leadscore’s to-do manager allows you to create a wide range of to-do items. Set calls, tasks, events, meetings, and emails. Then decide their priority to always ensure you are working on what needs your focus the most.

Link to-do’s to specific contacts so that you can see a list of contact-specific to-do’s in the 360° customer view.