Deal Management

A simple drag and drop pipeline to visualize your sales deals.

Visual Sales Pipeline

With Leadscore’s visual sales pipeline you will be able to supercharge your deal management team. Take charge of your sales process by seeing exactly where each deal stands. Know just what you need to do to move them along to the next stage.

Share your pipeline with the rest of your sales team so that everyone is aware of the status of all deals, and can offer up tips and expertise to move deals forward.  

Simple Drag & Drop

Leadscore’s simple drag and drop navigation will make your deal management a breeze. Better yet, it’s a sales pipeline so simple that your team will actually want to use it.

Your team will be able to update the status of their deals all from one screen. Watch happily as their deals are always recorded in the right places because of your decision to start using Leadscore. 


Does your organization have a unique sales process that sets you apart from the competition? With Leadscore you can easily customize the layout of your sales funnel to match with your existing deal management flow.

Simply set the columns to fit your existing processes and sit back while your sales team gets to work shattering their goals for the quarter.

Customized Card View

Leadscore’s custom contact cards allow you to view the leads in your deals pipeline exactly the way you want to. Specify what you want to see on each contact card. Now you will save time by having the most important data right in the pipeline view. No more clicking into the full contact view just to get a phone number.