Data Management

Your data exactly the way you want it.

CSV Import

Worried that your existing data management practices will get in the way of starting with Leadscore? Don’t! With Leadscore’s CSV import feature you can easily import your existing contact list. Have a fully functional Leadscore account set up and ready to go within minutes .

Our import process may even help clean up your existing data.  This is because Leadscore’s intelligent systems will always point out potential duplicate contacts in your imported data. Fret not, we always give you the final choice with what happens to these duplicate entries. Merge them or leave them as is. The choice is yours. 


Leadscore also lets you pull data from another data source that you can use within our system. With a few API keys, you can have Leadscore integrating completely with the programs you are already using. This is yet another way way to really take your data management to the next level.  

Data Export

With Leadscore you can export your data at anytime using our data export feature. Simply click the export button and Leadscore will prepare a CSV file with all of your desired data. Take your data out of Leadscore and use it however you please.