Team Management

Turn your team into an All-Star team.

Team working

At leadscore, we know that working in teams is a great way to improve efficiency and have more fun at work. As a result we have made it easy for Leadscore users to integrate team management functions into their workflows. Take advantage of Leadscore’s team functionality so that you can see that 1 + 1 really can equal 3 (just don’t tell your old math teachers).  

Team Assignment

Assign your employees to teams so they can work together on tasks and deals. Create as many teams as you need to fit the way that you work.

Do you want to put teams together for different activities such as sales and marketing? With Leadscore, you can. Or maybe you want to make separate teams for each of your ten sales regions, you can do that too. The power is in your hands.

Collaboration history

With Leadscore’s collaboration history function, you can see how your teams are performing. More importantly, you can see how your customers are reacting to them. Have the information you need so that you can step in and make changes at the right time. Or know exactly when the time is right to reward your team for their exceptional work.  

Take your team management to the next level by always knowing how your teams are interacting with your customers


With Leadscore, to-do’s, deals, and campaigns can also be assigned to teams. Take advantage of the synergy benefits derived from teamwork and complete tasks faster. Assign a team to a campaign and have them split the work amongst themselves based on their respective strengths to make the campaign management as efficient as possible.  

Access control & permission

Don’t worry if you have some classified data that certain employees aren’t authorized to see. With Leadscore, you can set access controls and permission for your employees. As a result, unauthorized employees will not have access to your clients classified data.

Take care of your clients data without affecting the way that you work.