Marketing Automation

A marketing automation solution to streamline your campaigns.

Simple Drag & Drop

Leadscore’s drag and drop system provides you with the marketing automation solution you have been looking for, no coding needed. Specify the actions to be taken and create rules for when each action should be triggered. What’s more, you do all of this with an elegant, easy-to-use interface.

Don’t struggle with complex campaign designers that take hours to learn and even longer to use. Try Leadscore’s intuitive layout and design free for 30 days and see for yourself just how easy it can be.


Triggers are events that start the automation process. Set a trigger for when new emails arrive, or a website visitor views your pricing page twice in one week.

Using Leadscore’s rule manager, you can set triggers that power the marketing automation process and execute a series of actions.  


Experience the power of Leadscore’s Smart Links. Smart Links are like any normal link that you might include in a marketing email. In addition, when recipients click them, Leadscore triggers smart automations (hence, smart links).

A simple click of a link can trigger powerful rules. Smart Links can create a new contact, collect their social media profiles, tag them as ‘warm’, assign them to a sales rep, and create a to-do item for that rep to follow-up. Zero extra effort required. Now that’s a marketing automation solution.

Tracking Visitor Data

With Leadscore’s visitor tracking feature you can always know what is happening on your website. Our system will keep a constant eye on your site and let you know how each visitor is using it.

See what pages your visitors view and track every click to learn how they use your website. Gain real insight and learn how to best guide visitors through your site to convert them into paying clients.