Website Integration

Spice up your website with Leadscore.

Web tracking

You can get people to your website, but now you want to know how they are interacting with it. Let Leadscore’s web tracking feature help you out. Our system will keep a constant eye on your website and let you know how each visitor is using it.

See what pages are being visited and track every click to get a clear idea of the paths visitors take through your various pages. Gain valuable insight to learn how to guide visitors through your site so that you can convert them into customers.  


Struggling to keep track of all the submissions to the form on your website? Let Leadscore help you out. Our powerful automations can supercharge this process. When a visitor fills out a form, have Leadscore take their data, create a new contact, assign it to a sales rep, and schedule that rep for a follow-up call. Easy and Automated.  


Do you want a way to power up your website? Use Leadscore’s APIs to do just that. Our team of experts will help you out will all your API needs.  

Website Integration

Leadscore integrates with your website to provide you with a whole new suite of powerful features. With everything from web tracking to form building, Leadscore has the tools you need to boost your website’s performance.  

JavaScript Integrations

Do you want to Integrate your website with JavaScript but have been struggling with the process? Leadscore has you covered so that you can go and make the website of your dreams.