Sales Dialer

Make sales calls right in your CRM.

One click to call

Leadscore’s sales dialer feature allow you to make sales calls right from your CRM. The days of wasting time switching back and forth between your phone system and CRM are over. Now you can make these important calls with a single click.

Using the CRM sales dialer allows you to have all of your contact’s information on the screen in front of you when you make the call. Never let an important tidbit of information slip your mind while on the phone again.  

Assign numbers to your team

Make it easy for your customers to call your sales team. With Leadscore, simply assign each of your team members a phone number so they can start talking to prospects right away.

Call reporting

Leadscore allows you to create the reports that you rely on to manage your sales team, including call data. Use these phone activity reports to find out how many outgoing calls each rep is making and what the average call length is.

Combine the phone activity data pulled from your sales dialer with data pulled from the rest of your CRM. Now you can compute powerful metrics like call-to-conversion rate. Sign up for your 30 day free trial today to see how these features can fit into your business. 


Don’t waste another minute organizing your notes after each sales call. Let Leadscore automatically link your notes to the contact page of each caller while you move to your next task.

Our automated processes also completely eliminate the risk of misplacing a note or forgetting to link to the contact page. Rest assured that Leadscore has your back.     

Call Logs

Leadscore automatically keeps a record of all your team’s calls so you don’t have to worry about anymore incorrect call logs.

Review, monitor, and have access to all call data whenever you need it.