Simple sales reports you can actually understand.

Visual Sales Reports

You have all your sales metrics, sure. But what good is that if you don’t know how to analyze them and make data driven decisions? Leadscore’s visual sales reports provide the metrics and data you need in visual, easy-to-understand reports.

With our powerful reporting features you will be able to see, at-a-glance, when certain reps are lagging behind or outperforming the rest. With these sales metrics in hand, you will be able to investigate further and determine what is working well for your team and what changes need to be made.

Revenue Analytics

Are you looking for some insight into what your revenue streams will be in the coming quarter? We have you covered. Leadscore’s intelligent algorithms examine your current sales pipeline and provide you with an accurate estimate of your revenues.

Use the time you would have spent estimating revenue to instead plan what you will do with all your incoming cash.

Reports Dashboard

Take control of your sales metrics. With Leadscore’s reports dashboard you can always have a real time view of what is happening with your sales team. Be dynamic and take action as soon as needed. No more waiting until the weekly reports come in to solve a pressing issue.

Customize your dashboards to show the KPIs that matter most to your company’s sales process. Always keep an eye on the conversion rate, cost-of-sales, and number of coffees that Gary has spilled in the break room (well, maybe not the last one yet, but we’re working on it).   

Sales Activity reports

Generate sales reports based on emails, calls, tasks, and appointments. Generate key metrics like email opens and click, or the number of calls made by each rep. This will give you an in depth view of what is happening with your sales team.

Combine Leadscore’s Email Templates feature with our sales activity reports to perform A/B testing. See what wording generates the most opens or the highest click through rate. Use these metrics to convert more leads into paying customers.