Written by: Francois Delapierre. Edited by Carter Hoffman.

The ecosystem of CRM solutions for sales people is undoubtedly quite vast. But this ecosystem lacks great solutions. While searching for one in a company I previously worked for, it came to my mind that it was impossible to find:

  • A simple solution that didn’t lack important features I needed
  • A solution offering only the features I wanted
  • A good solution that would not be super expensive

Two main problems are induced by this lack of fit: 1) People use a system that is too complex for them; 2) or worse, they don’t use any CRM at all.

1) Overly Complex Systems

In the first case, you are lost in the middle of 500 expensive features you don’t really need. Most of the time you get big dashboards with tons of data, which are powerful tools to turn analytics into an efficient sales strategy. That’s great. But when your phone rings you don’t have time to sift through pages and pages of information, you only have few seconds to pick up. You’re on the go, you’re in a hurry, you just don’t know who is calling you, or sometimes even who you are calling.

Maybe you are good at improvisation and you think that’s sufficient, but it’s not. When you lack real-time information on who you’re talking to, you miss a huge opportunity to sound witty, involved, professional and relevant. Those qualities are worth much higher than a good improvisation.

2) No CRM solutions at all

In the second case, you don’t even have a solution. You lose an immense amount of time manually writing the information you need to know. As any sales person who has experienced the powers of a CRM can tell you, going through an excel file or a note book to remember who just called you is worse than inefficient.

That’s why we deliver not only simple and readable dashboards for sales people in a hurry, but we also deliver real-time information on their phones. Our integration proactively delivers a summary status of the person calling as soon as the phone starts ringing. In a few seconds, you can see exactly what you need to know to make a successful sales call (recent interactions, latest notes,  social media details, Salesforce, gmail, etc.).

I’m sure you have experienced the,  “Sorry, could you tell me your name again” kind of situation that made you lose a potential customer. I have. We almost all have. Our mission is to prevent this from happening again. Have a look for yourself and see how Leadscore can fit into your business.