Written by: Francois Delapierre. Edited by: Carter Hoffman.

The world of sales has changed over the past few years and so have its rules. Who said you needed a Schnapsidee (“a crazy idea” in German) to be an über-sales executive ? There is an overabundance of information on how to improve your efficiency as far as sales are concerned. We think it is high time to go straight to the point by providing you with truly useful sales tips that will help you improve your flow.

1) Prepare what you have to say. Venture into a sales call only if you know how you’re going to close the contract. Yet, you need to stay natural, don’t make it look too rehearsed otherwise your client will see you as a robotic professional who does not give customers the personalized treatment they all deserve! But when you are meeting your prospect for the first time, you should keep in mind the following sales tip …

2) Listening is very important: there is a very good reason that you to have two ears but only one mouth! This is a crucial step in the first few minutes of any sales interaction. This can never be stressed enough. You may think that closing deals fast is an utmost priority, but you might actually not want to rush things only to respect your timeline. Let the customer do more of the talking , while being lively and knowledgeable. This leads us to the third of our sales tips …

3) Don’t be a pushy salesperson. Be more of an adviser for the customer during their buying process. If you take the time to engage with your customer, the latter will be more likely to believe your proposition.

4) Get curious about your prospect. Focus on the reasons that compel your potential client to buy your product. Ask questions about the products they are already using and if they are satisfied with it. You need to eventually find out what they truly want. Your questions should be relevant enough to provide you with information about your interlocutor’s needs. This is a discussion, not an impersonal survey.

5) Following up after an encounter is essential. Indeed, after hearing many different presentations and proposals, customers tend to have second thoughts. You have to maintain the link you have created during the encounter by following the previous tips. Leadscore.io will enable you to embrace the subtilities that punctuate sales techniques while riding on the crest of tech. Interested? Check out all the things you can do by signing up here.