A well-designed CRM not only allows sales and marketing teams to better nurture relationships with clients and potential leads, it also allows them to accomplish more tasks with less effort. We built Leadscore with this idea in mind. The business software professionals from FinancesOnline agreed that our CRM software allows marketers and sales teams to do just that.

FinancesOnline inspected all Leadscore features to come up with a detailed review. They analyzed our various tools from contact management and lead qualification to bulk emailing and analyticsLeadscore’s functionality impressed them. As a result of this, they distinguished it with their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

FinancesOnline Great User Experience Award

FinancesOnline great user experience award

FinancesOnline dedicates its Great User Experience award to well-designed and intuitive software solutions that allow users to have a pleasant time facilitating their various processes and workflows. This is a testament to the hard work of our team in achieving our overarching goal. That goal has always been to make Leadscore an easy-to-use CRM helping small teams achieve big dreams.

As outlined in FinancesOnline’s review of Leadscore, their experts praised our platform for enabling users to handle all customer relations management processes on a unified screen. They were also impressed with a users ability to quickly get a clear overview of their pipeline through detailed visualizations. They also noted our features for crafting personalized email campaigns, attaching notes and other pertinent information to contact profiles, sending follow-up emails through drip campaigns, and acquiring real-time analytics.

FinancesOnline Rising Star Award 2018

FinancesOnline Rising star award

Overall, the FinancesOnline’s review team fell in love with Leadscore and highly recommends it for users searching to determine what is the best CRM software. Based on their review, our clients also feel the same way. This is why Leadscore also received FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for 2018. FinancesOnline grants this title to SaaS systems that have grown in popularity and that clients view as reliable.

Thank you to FinancesOnline and our users for recognizing our hard work in developing a great CRM for small businesses. Leadscore users are encouraged to leave a user review on our FinancesOnline page. If you have yet to try our CRM, you should definitely try our 30-day free trial.

Finding a CRM that is right for you

Every business is different, and every sales team has a unique set of needs. We urge all small business owners seeking to implement a CRM to do their research. What constitutes a great fit for one organization may not work well for the company next door. Test out the various tools on the market for yourself, and decide which one is best for your team. Leadscore offers you a 30-day free trial to experience the full suite for yourself. You’re here already, you might as well try it out for free.